Leadership Development

“Leadership Development is self-development.”

John Agno

Working with leaders to shape an environment where people thrive and show up at their best.

Whether you are new to leadership, or a seasoned leader looking to make the old “new” again, how well you know yourself is the basis for successful self-leadership and people leadership.

  • Define who you are as a leader
  • Understand your strengths/weaknesses
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Influence and inspire others
Workshops and One-to-One Coaching
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Leadership | Coaching & Consulting

“I have had the pleasure of working with Corinne for 8 months and it has quite honestly transformed my idea of what it is to be a leader. Through her guidance and wealth of experience, I have not only been able to see the kind of leader and person I am, but also easily see where I can be more effective and grow. It has not only affected me as a leader but also the people I lead. I have seen tremendous benefit working with and learning from Corinne both in my professional life and in my personal life.”

Superintendent –  Regina Public Schools

Team Effectiveness

Relationships matter!

Laying the foundation for a newly created team, taking a well established team to the next level or dealing with some “tuff stuff.”

Team coaching and facilitation will bring the human side to your teams.

Workshops and One-to-One Coaching
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“Great awareness on how my negativity impacts my daily routine and tasks.”

“Be mindful of how I react to situations and to others; how and why people may have different views and respecting differences.”

Transition Services

Thrive amidst change. Create positive results.

The transition may be your choice or it may be forced upon you. Either way,  working with a coach helps you cope with fears and doubts that can occur during change.

Transition does not need to be stressful. Get the tools and confidence you need to embark on your new journey with a renewed sense of confidence, purpose and commitment.

Workshops and One-to-One Coaching
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When I first got in touch with Corinne I was looking for a career change.  I wasn’t happy where I was.  After speaking with Corinne, she helped me to see that my dissatisfaction had more to do with some personal issues rather than my job. She has a wonderful way of listening to what and how you say things. We talked quite extensively about the job I do and some of the problems I have been experiencing.  She helped me to see and understand that a lot of my problems could be solved by myself.  Corinne has helped me to create a different way to look at how I deal with my day to day struggles.  I have been using these tips to help at work for only a short period of time now.  Things are definitely improving.   My time working with Corinne has been very rewarding.  I am glad our paths crossed.  She has helped me understand myself a little better. Thank you Corinne.”

Personal Growth

When you are ready to work on you.

Increase confidence.

Make Better Decisions.

Gain Clarity.

You want to deepen your sense of who you are, what you can do & where you are going.

One-to-One Coaching
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“I would advise anyone who is looking to find clarity, seeking personal growth, and needing help with setting goals and achieving them, to get in contact with Corinne. Flexible, honest, and genuine, Corinne has helped guide me in becoming a more confident individual who now has the tools to build success. If you find yourself on the fence (like I was), take the plunge! I promise you won’t regret it!”

Jordan age 21